Eyebrow Wigs and Celebrities

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Let’s talk eyebrows. I know I know. You’re probably asking yourself, what does eyebrows have to do with wigs? Just bear with me!

Every female wants to achieve that flawless brow. I mean, let’s face it ß(No pun intended), for decades we’ve been plucking and plucking getting rid of those stubborn hairs that compromise the desired shape we’ve been aiming for. All that plucking has left us hairless and regretting those days in the bathroom when we strategically permanently removed the cuticles causing hair not to grow back. And what about shaving our eyebrows? Shaving is less painful, doesn’t last long, and not to mention not detailed. So now what? What other techniques are there to achieving flawless brows?

Check out my top 3 list of eyebrow techniques that gives you that flawless brow.

3. Drawing in your brows with a pencil or gel.

This technique is quite common and is still popular in 2016. Drawing your brows in allows you to change up the desired shape whenever you want. But I must say, a lot of women have yet to master this technique. So that’s why this technique is at the bottom of my list at #3.

2. Eyebrow Micro-blading/Tattoo

This one is a good option. A natural eyebrow color ink is etched into the skin with little stroke simulating hair, to give that natural eyebrow hair illusion. But, this is semi-permanent to permanent. There are a couple of cons I see with this technique. First con, it’s permanent! Like any tattoo you would get you have to be sure that it’s the right color and style that you like. Going too dark on pale skin would be disastrous, and going too light on dark skin would be disastrous as well, not to mention a waste of money. Second con, you can’t change the shape of the brow. With the other techniques I have listed, you have the option to change up the style or shape of brow if you desired. Think carefully before taking the leap!

1. Hand-Tied Eyebrows

Last but not least, coming at #1 on my top 3 techniques is Hand-Tied Eyebrows, or as I would like to call them Eyebrow Wigs. Yes, you heard it right! Celebrities are gracing

magazine covers and red carpets wearing these. This awesome technique and I do emphasize awesome, gives you a world of options at a great price. Instead of taking the route of having fake hair drawn on or etched into your skin like the preceding options, the eye wigs give you the option to have 100% human hair on your face. Crazy, right? I mean, why would I want to go back to having hair back on my face? Lol Really though, having hair there gives a more natural look.

These little wigs are hand-tied into a lace backing, which to me is a more natural look of hair growing out of your skin, and a PU gel backing. Tiny strands of human hair are stitched by hand into a fine lace, which takes lots of time, but the end result is amazing. Once you apply the “lace eyebrow” to your face; you can pluck strands away if too thick, and add to it with a pencil if too then. But, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. It would kind of defeat the purpose.

So while you’re out eyebrow shopping remember this top 3 list. Hand-tied eyebrows are the best way to go in 2016.

Interested in a pair? Email us at customertailored@gmail.com for more information and ordering.

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