Natural Override, Straight Decline. Will Natural Hair Triumph in 2017?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

With only four days left of 2016 many of us women are still contemplating if we want to continue to be natural, or should we just give in to that white devil that takes away the stressed coils, that many women feel is unmanageable, and give the look of relaxation to the crown of our heads…The Crack Relaxer. So, in 2017 should we continue to be pro black girl or should we just blend in with the crowd with our tails between our legs secretly knowing that we’d lost the fight?

I’m been natural since 2007 from age 19 to 29 years. That’s 10 years I’ve been on this journey (puts hands to mouth in shock)! Going back straight is a decision that can be scary to think about. And I know what you’re thinking. You’ve stayed up many nights with the daunting tasks of detangling, moisturizing and twisting to create those gorgeous Bantu Knot curls (even though they didn’t come out right half of the time) to give a little funk to your natural side. All of that takes effort and endurance, especially transitioning from being relaxed to kinky. Whether you have a 4C kinky hair texture to a frizzy 3B, maintenance is an investment and we’ve lost a lot of money in the process. When I say lost lots of money, that is exactly what I mean. Here’s a rundown of the price we pay to be Natural Queens…

According to, August 15, 2012, Does Going Natural Mean Going Broke? article, Miss

Jessie’s Buttercream retails for $58 for a 16oz jar! I know I know, but wait there’s more. Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Condition, an Anthony Dickey product, costs a mean $42 bucks. Women have said that this cream has powers other detanglers don’t have, it gets the job done without the hassle. Quite some powers, right? Is it me, or does it seems like going straight is cheaper? Want to maintain your curls and keep them looking healthy? Why not go to a hair salon that specializes in doing just that? There are hair salons that are certified to give the beloved C-cut and Deva Cut. Both techniques get rid of slit, frayed ends and leaves your hair looking healthy and new. However, obtaining that look will cost you a hefty penny. Salons that specialize in the previously mentioned techniques charge from anywhere between $100 to $300 depending on the length and texture of your hair. Maybe you just want to go to a salon and get your natural hair styled, Probably an up-do for instance. That can cost you $75 on up DEPENDING. Going relaxed is starting to sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Yes, all that I previously mentioned sounds ridiculous, but it’s the reality of maintaining the natural for many women. BUT, it’s not the end all. There are many natural hairstyles you can wear that will maintain your natural…

Change Subject Alert! So, in the process of writing up this amazing blog and researching, I came across an article that was just horrible! I don’t mean to change the subject, but this I feel this can relate to what this blog about., says Laura Odoffin, a graduate of Bournemouth University, was left jobless after her offer for employment was cancelled, nullified, repealed, retracted, you name it it was done. Why nullified, you asked? The answer is because of her Natural hairstyle. Laura wore what looks to be beautiful two strand twists in her hair, but not everyone thought it looked beautiful. Her would’ve been manager Sam, who seems to be on the other side of the color spectrum, if you get my drift, told her, “Unfortunately we cannot accept braids-it is simply a part of the uniform & grooming requirements we get from our clients. If you are unable to take them out I unfortunately won’t be able to offer you any work”. You can view the article here.

As outrageous as that sounded, unfortunately that is what a lot of black women go through daily. Yes, we want to embrace what was naturally granted to us, yet society finds a way to sneak its prejudiceness into our lives when we’re trying to be as successful as our Caucasian peers. This pushes black women back proving the fact that being black and natural is costly, and being white is a privilege. I pledge to embrace my natural black woman and ignore the fallacies that rings in my ear. So, tell me, are you going into 2017 with your relaxed hair and straight extensions? Or are you going away from the norm and embracing what your mama gave ya?

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