Milan Fashion Week 2018: The Brow Situation

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Fashion Week has made its way to Milan, Italy, one of the global capitals of design and fashion. It’s first show kicked off on September 19th with designer Alberto Zambelli. Many don’t know that I got my start in fashion as a wardrobe stylist for Atlanta Fashion Week, though not on a comparison level to NYFW and MFW, it was where I gained my knowledge in the fashion world.

I strongly believe that Fashion Week isn’t just about the clothing. I mean, we can’t have the models walk out on the stage with plain faces and flamboyant fashions, doesn’t make sense. The face is a part of the canvas, and should be treated as such. The focus? You guessed it. Eyebrows! Changing the shape of the eyebrows can add drama and seriousness to a look. How so?

Well, take for instance Gigi Hadid, Super Model and natural to the runways. In the first photo Gigi walked in Jeremy Scott’s runway show earlier this year for the Spring show, looking like a 50s pinup in the face and a bouquet of flowers on the body. But what gave the 50s look? Her eyebrows. Heavy powder to darken her brows along with an undefined arch. This gives more drama to the face and the entire look. In the second picture, Gigi Hadid walked in the Moschino show for the 2018 fall/winter Fashion Week in Milan. Powder gently filled her brows giving it a less harsh, softer look.

Duckie Thot… Just her name alone commands attention. Duckie naturally has thin eyebrows which plays well to the structure of her face and her skin tone. In the Maison Margiela fashion show Duckie rocked a futuristic look with almost undetectable eyebrows. This added to the moderness of the look the designer was portraying. Having a thicker brow in the photo would not have done her look any justice.

And then, we have Kendall Jenner who graced the runway for the Moschino runway show wearing a straight brow. Wearing a straight brow gives an edge to your face and overall look. As mentioned in my previous blog, when you have a longer face such as Kendall, taking away a high arch will give the illusion of a shorter face.

Milan Fashion Week really gave us a look inside the world of beauty and fashion, intermingled together, to bring us a fabulous show this year.

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