Barely Organic

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Organic beauty is surely underrated. Do we miss the ideal of letting nature be, and “just going with the flow?” But we must question… what is organic beauty? Is it the enhanced natural, where we wear our natural hair, but add a little clip-in pieces to make it look fuller? Are the fillers we intake with a needle to give us more pursed lips? What about adding fat to make bigger hips and a bigger booty? Would we consider all of this organic?

Hmm, What’s the definition of organic? According to Webster Dictionary, it’s related to or derived from living organisms. So, we can rule out all enhancements as organic. Has the idealism of wanting to be desired alter our mental state into believing that it’s ok to enhance or change our beauty and still feel confident? I don’t believe so. I believe that in order to be truly confident, we have to strip away the false and reveal the truth we are so quick to hide.

Embracing what “ya mama gave ya” is easier said than done. In 2019, we have social media, and magazine companies telling us what is beautiful and what isn’t. Many of us are barely organic and our self-esteem is barely intact. With that being said, should we crucify those who want to enhance the very parts that are making them feel low? Or better yet, if the media’s vision of beauty didn’t matter, would you still want to have fuller lips or a bigger booty?

The other day I was in a clothing store. I was waiting to go into a dressing room, and the dressing room next to the one I was waiting to get into had a mother and her daughter. I assume the mother was trying on to jeans, because the little said, “mama your butt is too small, you should make it bigger.” My ears throbbed and ached from what I had heard. Even our little girls are learning not to love their bodies early on in life. All of this comes from learned listening. I believe there is nothing wrong with gaining your self-esteem back, but we must learn to love ourselves first. Self-love will change your perspective on what you feel is beautiful about yourself. I challenge all of you, who are reading this, to look in the mirror and say… I am beautiful. I love my eyes, my lips, my nose, etc.. Repeat this to yourself every time you look in the mirror, and what your ideals begin to shift.

With 9 months left in 2019, let’s make a vow to embrace our natural more. Let’s love who we are more, and let’s be the best we can be.

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Peace & Love

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